Wednesday, February 18, 2015



So, does the mere thought of the word kiss puts us all in a melting mood? How beautiful would life be if we were to seal  it with kiss?  Am I talking of PDA here and that too in a country like India where right up from the Valentine's Day straight up to the ‘AIB Roast’, all become an issue of national and cultural integrity and hideous crimes like rape are talked about without a frown on the forehead? Well, that’s what any and everything in an Indian's life can be blown out of proportion at any point in time. One might be the Aam Aadmi someday and one fine day turn into  an  Aadmi who can no more be Aam .Such is life in this nation; fast, unpredictable, restless, ambivalent, multifaceted and complicated. Not that I am propagating a negative view point of the beautiful lives that we live but lately I have witnessed a lot of complication twirling around every individual's life. Be it a two year old kid or a seventy year old man, everyone seems to be in a race towards  achieving  more and more obscurity. 

On one hand,  we have the homemakers who love complicating relationships,  bosses love complicating projects, kids love complicating their textbooks, women love complicating their looks,  men love complicating their conversation , parents demand complicated explanations, teachers complicate the left over academic potential of students and teenagers always have complicated matters of the heart. God creates a situation but what is it that really adds to the self created difficulty in that situation? Should we say that we pre conceive more and communicate less, we think more and act less, we judge more and talk less, we hate more and love less, we avoid more and confront less, we doubt more and trust less, we die more and live less, so less that unless life gives us a ‘wake up’ call we happily remain veiled up in our egos, hatreds, prejudices, vices, jealousies and attitudes. So what is the solution? Maybe a KISS, well then, the communication experts would know that effective communication follows the KISS rule meaning thereby Keep It Short and Simple.

The same acronym when applied to a real life situation can make things easy and matters light. All we have got to remember is that a KISS (Keep It Simple and Sweet) can be the gateway to many of our smiles. When the matters of the mind complicate the heart, trust the heart. When ego clouds relationships, outshine the ego, when perception clouds reality, believe in the latter and when hatred overrules love always let cupid overpower for there is no other way to make us happy and our lives a little simpler. Each day we are, and will be faced with challenging situations, tough decisions and difficult paths but the decision to tread on the ‘Road less travelled’ has to be ours. No friend ever leaves, no relation ever breaks, no memory ever fades, no situation ever changes but at the end of the day it is solely our gaze which decides whom to retain and whom to part with. Nevertheless a KISS in no situation can be harmful so let’s live it with a KISS or we keep loving obscurities.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gift a Smile

How much does that magical,beautiful and "to die for "smile across the lips of your loved one mean to you?Well my friends it is not an easy task to gift a smile 'without a gift' especially when the festive season has set in and each person around you is looking at you with  yearning eyes .Right from the most meagerly paid servant at home to the most well paid Boss......everyone is expecting a gift !!!There seems to be nothing wrong with this idea till the time we understand that it is the gesture that matters more than the moolah , but the problem arises when we turn this process into a 'pocket hole creator' which gives you neither pleasure nor a recognotion, and eventually this frustration turns the whole process of linking gifts with gestures into a meaningless, gestureless game of 'passing the parcel'.
Why then and what for are we blowing out those hard earned rupees ? To get social acceptance? , to show off  our status?, because it is a fad? or maybe a mandatory annual part of existence?
The reason maybe unique for each one but the reality remains that eventually we are not happy giving presents to people because it gives neither of the parties the much needed vitamin:smile.
Yes friends, very candidly I am proclaiming that this festive season I am resolute on gifting smiles to people by giving stuff to those  who really need it .When on one hand we are more than excited in collecting gifts for family and friends on the other ,we are equally worked up in shopping for the needy and the deprived .I know there are numerous people more needy than the ones around but we are adding to our 'blessings' kitty' by gifting  all those people and their famies who strive to give us a comfortable living .
With every gift that they receive from me, I quietly add a smile and a blessing to my account that makes my life beautiful and perhaps more illuminated this Diwali

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recreating the Magic

Its been long since I've been hearing about the art of expressing yourself through words. Well when it comes to playing with words I haven't had much of a tiff, rather I think at times this 'play' ( pun intended) with words  has saved  me a lot of unpleasant situations. These words do work 'magic' on a number of occasions but being a part of this so called "multicultural", "uber modern " lifestyle, we either simply forget the 'magic' or perhaps have no time to perform it anymore because our lives   have boiled down towards becoming  merely 'mechanical' and therefore no scope for left for any 'magic'.
Well friends, one again to recreate the magic of words in this mechanical existence I intend to write this blog . To express myself about the little thoughts, doings and expressions that add beauty and realization to our living but are  often shoved in some corner of our psyche. "Immaculate Intellect": a name that sounds 'pleasingly intellectual' is simply a platform of penning down those  clear thoughts or happenings  that make our existence a little more grateful and a little less temporal. For all those people who like to appreciate the little , beautiful things of life : here is a space for you .