Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recreating the Magic

Its been long since I've been hearing about the art of expressing yourself through words. Well when it comes to playing with words I haven't had much of a tiff, rather I think at times this 'play' ( pun intended) with words  has saved  me a lot of unpleasant situations. These words do work 'magic' on a number of occasions but being a part of this so called "multicultural", "uber modern " lifestyle, we either simply forget the 'magic' or perhaps have no time to perform it anymore because our lives   have boiled down towards becoming  merely 'mechanical' and therefore no scope for left for any 'magic'.
Well friends, one again to recreate the magic of words in this mechanical existence I intend to write this blog . To express myself about the little thoughts, doings and expressions that add beauty and realization to our living but are  often shoved in some corner of our psyche. "Immaculate Intellect": a name that sounds 'pleasingly intellectual' is simply a platform of penning down those  clear thoughts or happenings  that make our existence a little more grateful and a little less temporal. For all those people who like to appreciate the little , beautiful things of life : here is a space for you .